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It’s Sunday evening in Studio City. Your regular animal hospital is closed. Where do you turn when your cat receives the nasty bite of an irritated rattler? You need to visit our emergency vet clinic.

It’s early Saturday morning. Everything in Los Angeles is quiet for the moment. What do you do at 2 a.m. when a cornered raccoon swipes at your dog and draws blood? You need a pet hospital that is open now.

No matter the intensity or type of emergency, you need quick access to the superior care and service of our fully equipped emergency vet clinic. You need the skills of our top animal hospital team that has immediate access to the best pet emergency room equipment available to modern veterinary hospitals.boxer-dog-on-a-computer

Here at TrueCare for Pets in Studio City, CA, we provide the quality of emergency pet service that every pet deserves. If your pet must visit a pet emergency room, we are here with clean, efficient, modern, and comfortable facilities. We see to it that every patient gets the best available in animal healthcare services. Call (818) 760-3882

Los Angeles Pet Emergency Room Services

Our equipment, training, and supplies rival those of the top veterinary hospitals in the nation. We strive to make our emergency pet clinic the premier pet hospital in our area for the benefit of our patients. Our mission here at TrueCare for Pets focuses on superior emergency veterinary services. Our patient monitoring system ensures you that our trained staff members remain constantly aware of the health status of your pet. We care. We protect.

We are here to provide the type of emergency vet clinic services that may not be available from other veterinary hospitals. We are open after hours to handle all pet emergencies. Here at Studio City, CA, we work closely with you and the referring veterinarian. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it is the primary secret to successful animal healthcare.

Our equipment and services include the following standard and emergency vet clinic tools: Blood pressure monitors, Diagnostic sonography (ultrasonography), Digital Radiography, Echocardiology, Endoscopy, On-site Stat Laboratory Analyzers, Pediatric incubators, Respiratory ventilators, and a State of the art Intensive Care Unit for severe cases.

Our on-site analyzers measure hematology, blood chemistry, and provide toxin screenings. Every pet cage is equipped with heat and oxygen therapy equipment. In our efforts to ensure that we can address every pet emergency in the Los Angeles area, we serve as a local blood and antivenin bank.

Be the situation related to snake bite or be it due to an automobile accident, we are here to serve you on a strictly emergency basics. We handle both urgent care and emergency needs on a walk in basis. When we have managed the emergency and stabilized your pet, we see to it that your primary care veterinarian receives any and all information that is necessary for the updating or his or her files.

Call us now: (818) 760-3882.

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