Studio City TrueCare for Pets Treats After Hours Veterinary Emergencies


When your pet suffers a sudden accident or illness, you want to take them to a pet emergency room where they will receive top quality care. TrueCare for Pets in Studio City, California is the emergency vet clinic that can provide you and your pet with exactly what you need during those times when other veterinary hospitals are closed. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, it’s time to bring your pet into TrueCare for Pets in Studio City, CA.

Los Angeles Pet Emergency Room Service

We know your pets are part of your family, and so the pet emergency room in our animal hospital is a lot like the one where you take the human members of your family. Our  triage staff accesses the urgency of your situation to determine the priority for care and give you peace of mind that your pet is important to us. The most severe injuries and illnesses are seen first in order to assure that those who need it the most are given prompt care. And since emergency services are all we provide, you’ll never have to worry about being squeezed in between appointments for standard care. When you and your pet are frightened by sudden veterinary emergency, there is no better place than our pet hospital.

Imaging and Laboratory

When it comes to quality veterinary hospitals, we hold nothing back. Our services include  state-of-the-art imaging services, electrocardiography services, and a laboratory that includes an animal blood bank and anti-venom clinic. Our Studio City emergency vet clinic is the best place to go when your regular veterinary hospital is unavailable.

Intensive Care Unit

Our Intensive Care Unit gives your pet the best chance possible when he is facing a challenging medical situation. We can monitor even the smallest and youngest of pets in one of our pediatric incubators, and with each cage equipped with oxygen we can handle whatever further emergencies occur with each pet individually.

Echocardiology, Ultrasonography and Radiography

With our Imaging and Diagnostic capabilities, including echocardiology, ultrsonography, and digital radiography we can quickly pinpoint the best way to deal with your pet’s illness or injury and pass our findings to your regular veterinarian to develop a care plan for your pet.

Animal Blood Bank and Anti-Venom Bank

Our animal blood bank and anti-venom unit is a rare find in the Los Angeles area and can truly be a lifesaver for your pet. Often when tragedies strike, such as a pet being hit by a car there is a great deal of blood lost. With our blood bank we can replace the lost blood leading to a higher recovery rate for your pet. the same goes for our anti-venom clinic. If your pet is suffering from a snake or insect bite we are able to treat it promptly and minimize any adverse effects.

After Hours Emergency Vet Care

We’re not here to replace your regular animal hospital. Our hours of operation are primarily weekday evenings and overnights, as well as 24 hours on weekends and holidays when other Los Angeles animal hospitals aren’t available. Our Studio City pet emergency room handles the immediate crisis and seamlessly passes care to your regular pet hospital.

Pet emergencies don’t always occur during “bankers’ hours” that’s why we are open when your Los Angeles pet needs that midnight trip to the pet emergency room and your emergency vet clinic is closed.

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